Ballet and the Beasts is the 13th episode of Season 2 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It aired on January 16, 2016.


Dawn and Mae are about to play laser tag, with a boy that likes Mae. Dawn hopes that she’ll be on the same team, but Nicky, Ricky and Dicky show up and the quads are put on the same team instead. Dawn then tells Mae that she’s tired of doing everything with her brothers and says that they cannot get by without her. However, her brothers think that they are more mature and that Dawn can’t get by without them. Mae suggests that Dawn join her ballet class, to which she gladly accepts. She gives her brothers warm milk to make them sleepy and then goes to ballet class with Mae. At class, there is a girl named Eiffel, who is the best uh the class, and doesn’t think much of Dawn. In an attempt to prove her wrong, Dawn performs an advanced move. Good news? She vaguely impresses her enemy. Bad news? Her leg is stuck in the position for the rest of the day. With the help of Mae, Dawn manages to change out of her ballet uniform and come home, just as the other quads wake up. Worried that they will find out about ballet, Dawn lies and says that she was home the whole time and hobbles up the stairs to her bedroom. The next day, Dawn and Mae go to another class, and this time Dawn actually enjoys it! But her happiness is quickly ruined when her brothers follow her there and join the ballet class, thinking that they saved her from humiliation. Meanwhile, Tom and Anne are having trouble finding out a way to make more money at Get Sporty. After checking their records, Anne discovers that the only year they made a lot of money was when she was pregnant with the quadruplets. This was because nobody wanted her to work too hard, so they bought a lot of stuff to help them. Anne then hides a watermelon under her skirt the next day, and the scheme works. Dawn is angry that her brothers never give her any space, so Anne tells her to always be honest and that honesty is always the right answer. After saying that, Anne feels hypocritical and stops pretending to be pregnant. But this doesn’t stop Tom from rapping up a bowling pin in a cloth in a miserable attempt to keep the gag going. Meanwhile, Dawn politely tells her brothers that she wouldn’t like them to continue joining her ballet class and that she needs her own space. But they take it the wrong way, and soon the quads are bickering about who needs who. The boys claim that Dawn can’t get by without them and Dawn claims the opposite. The boys quit ballet class in anger, but things quickly go downhill the next day at ballet class. Eiffel demands that she bring her brothers back to ballet, since she needs them for her dance routine, or not come back at all. Mae says that if Dawn gets kicked out, she’ll quit too, but Eiffel doesn’t care. The next day, Dawn asks her brothers to come back to dance class, for Mae’s sake. However, they are still mad at her and refuse. Eventually though, they learn that they both all need each other - just not all the time. The boys arrange it so the boy that likes Mae can take their place. At Get Sporty, Tom and Anne quit being dishonest and come up with a different money making idea; dressing up Squishy as a sailor and calling him “Sail-or Dog.”


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Cast

  • Asher Angel as Jasper



  • Asher Angel from Andi Mack guest starred in this episode.
  • There also was a guest appearance from Maddie Ziegler.
  • The title is a spoof on the movie Beauty and the Beast.

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