Harpers for President is the sixteenth episode in Season 2 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It premiered on January 30, 2016 to an audience of 1.71 viewers. 


In the race for class president, Ricky seems to be winning. However, when the other three quads enter, it's every quad for its self.


The episode begins when the quads' teacher, Mr. Williams, announces it's everyone's favorite time of the year, which Nicky Harper thinks it's heirloom tomato season and Dicky guesses that it's taco season (but it isn't). Ricky responds that what Mr. Williams was referring to was the upcoming election for class president, which was the correct answer. Dawn also asks Mr. Williams if that by everyone's favorite time of year he meant just Ricky's. Mr. Williams replies that is also correct, but this year they're going to "jazz it up" a bit using an online polling app that will tell them who the most popular candidate is by the minute. Ricky says that he hopes there will be graphs, including a barograph, a histogram, or a scatterplot. The teacher tells Ricky he knows very well that there will be a scatterplot because he helped design the app. Ricky tells the class that he would also like to design the future of his school and announces his candidacy for class president, as it would be an honor to serve all his classmates. Dicky whispers to him that he wished Ricky would serve pizza now, and then stands up and announces that he is hungry. Mr. Williams asks the class if anyone else would like to run for president, and Mae Valentine, Dawn's best friend, tells her that she should run and adds that she's popular, leader of the soccer team, and best of all, she would be best friends with the president.

However, Dawn responds that she thinks Ricky would be a good president, and that running for president is really not her thing. Ricky leans over and says thanks to her, as he would make a good president and that Mae was right, it really wasn't her thing. Dawn asks him what he means by saying it's not her thing, and Ricky explains she was the one who said that it wasn't her thing, and then agrees. Dawn and Ricky then argue about whether or not he gets to say it's not her thing, and Dawn tells him to mind his own thing. She immediately stands up and announces that she wants to run for president, though Ricky gets up and tells her that's his thing. Dawn mutters "We'll see about that" and thickens the scatterplot, according to Nicky.


Main Cast

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Guest Cast

  • Ian Reed Kesler as Mr. Williams


  • "Faceshack" is a parody of Facebook.