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Josie Cooper is a main character on the series Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. She works at the Harper's store, Get Sporty She is close friends with the quadruplets, and she babysat them briefly. Josie is portrayed by Gabrielle Elyse.


Josie is very friendly to the quadruplets--particularly Dawn.

She also seems to be likable, as she made the soccer girls laugh instantly.


  • She used to have a doll that she took everywhere until her father ran it over with a lawnmower.
  • In Family Matters, Josie got the weekend off. She went to camp out to buy something.
  • She loves the movie Clonely Hearts Club'
  • She watched Field of Brains.
  • She went on a date with a boy named Wilson in the NRDD episode "Valentime's Day".
  • Josie has done absents.
  • She loves the quads.
  • She's like an older sister to the quads.
  • She works at Tom's store and baby sits the quads.
  • Nice to the quads mostly Dawn.
  • Sometimes she is switched with Lucy Like in the episodes Wanted: The Sugar Beet Gang and Ballet and the Beasts.
  • In the 2nd episode, She replaced Kenny who appear in the pilot episode.


  • "Why, what's wrong with my nails?!" - Valentime's Day
  • "Okay, maybe you are a little cursed." - Valentime's Day


The image gallery for Josie Cooper may be viewed here.

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