June is a recurring character on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. She is a friend of Dawn, Mae and Natlee. June is portrayed by Sofia Wylie.


In "Ye Olde Hand Holde," June was asked out by Dicky to be his date as part of the Harper Quads competition to determine who is the most mature based on the first person to hold hands with their date. In "Ele-Funk in the Room," June had gone to the scouts camp with Dawn, Mae and Natlee. Later on, she and Natlee persuaded Dawn to break her quad-pact with her brothers and attend the concert without them. In "Tween Wolf," June joins Dawn, Mae and Natlee for their annual camping.



  • June's actress, Sofia Wylie, stars in Andi Mack, a Disney Channel show as Buffy.

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