Remember when I said I liked Mack as a friend? Well, I think I like like him.
Dawn to Nicky, Ricky, and Dicky

The Secret is the thirteenth episode in, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It premiered on January 31, 2015 to an audience of 1.50 million viewers.


When Dawn finds Tom busts her dead goldfish and learns that her brothers were aware that their dad had secretly replaced her goldfish seven times, she holds a "quad-fession", where she and her brothers must tell each other their deepest secrets that they have kept from each other.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • It is revealed that Dawn Harper has a crush on Mack.
  • Felix Coronel is mentioned by the quads in the beginning of the episode. This is a reference to Mace Coronel's dog Felix Coronel.