To all viewers,

For the next couple of daysperhaps even weeksthe Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Wikia will be undergoing some updates and changes to guarantee that we (the administrators) are meeting the satisfaction of our viewers. Evidently, there are many things to be done in order for the website to be in "tip-top shape," and here's how we can get it done:

1. Participation of the viewers
It would help significantly if we could get the participation of registered and unregistered members to help with editing and adding pages. Whenever you see something blank/inaccurate, please aid us to enter correct information (assuming you have a reputable source).
2. Precise details
Since the website is still growing, not everything will be one hundred percent correct, but we want to reach towards that. Collectively, let's refrain from writing information that doesn't come from a trusted and reputable source (i.e. IMDB ).
3. Follow the policies
There are specific policies which must be abided when using this site. Some of these rules are against spamming, the use of profanity, and posing as someone else. There have been examples of people not obliging these guidelines, and it is the job of the administrators to delete such comments/posts. We want to keep the Wikia site user friendly! Please, let's remember to be kind to one another, and something else to take note of is that is unacceptable to pose as someone else.
If you have any questions concerning this or anything else, you can contact the administrators:

Thank you for reading this and following the policies that are stated on this Wikia!

-Abbycake1 (Admin)

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