Hi everyone! I am writing this post to tell you what's new with nick.

Let's start with The Thundermans. This show is determined to return in September-November. As there are still 16 episodes left of season 4 to air, I am assuming the series will finish close to March or April 2018. This has been a great show so far, and I am so glad that they expanded the season 4 order from 13 episodes to 26 then 32, as there will be no fifth season. I can't believe The Thundermans will go for 103 episodes! That's only six less than iCarly!

Now let's go to Henry Danger. As for season 3, "Swellview's Got Talent" will air August 12, "Balloons of Doom" will air August 19, and the one-hour season 3 finale, "Frankini's Web" will air August 26. These episodes are said to air along with Game Shakers, but the Game Shakers episodes are unnamed currently. And season 4 will have 20 episodes according to Henry Danger wiki, and it will premiere Fall (most likely November) 2017. Unless this series [unlikely] gets a fifth season, this series will end, having 85 episodes in 4 seasons.

And now Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. Season 3 will go until August 5, ending with a one-hour special called "The Wonderful Wizard of Quads". Season 4 will most likely premiere in January 2018, though has a chance of premiering in late 2017. Season 4 has a 14-episode order, but might be doubled to 28 (I really hope!!!). This show might get a fifth season, but it is unlikely.

Next up, Game Shakers. As I said in the Henry Danger paragraph, Game Shakers will have three Season 2 (unnamed for now) episodes that will air August 12, 19 and 26 along with the rest of Henry Danger's season 3. Since season 2 is taking a very long time to air, it will finish in late 2017. As for season 3, it is predicted to come out in early 2018. The show is also possible to get renewed for a fourth season.

To end my post, School of Rock. I am loving season 3 so far! The first five episodes (two have already aired) air July 8, 15, 22, 29, and August 5. Since the series will probably not air with Henry Danger and Game Shakers, I predict it will return in September. Season 3 will extend much longer than the 12 episode 1st season and 13 episode second season with 20 episodes. Season 3 also has a new and improved theme song!

Thank you! If you like my post and want to comment on it, please do so in my talk page. Bye!